This is the enlargement of Melissa Logstrom's photo in the east portal of the old Cascade Tunnel at what was Cascade Station on the old Great Northern Railway. In this enlargement the tunnel "orb" takes on the characteristics of an old reel to reel tape player, or maybe an otherworldly face. I guess everyone seeing it can make up their own idea of what it is. I am the scientific skeptic. Is this some sort of reflection of or on the camera lens? I was there and didn't see the "orb" or the "face" within the "orb", but I certainly see it in the photo. It seems to be something more than a speck of dust on the lens, I would think. A water droplet from the damp ceiling of the tunnel? How many more possibilities are there? Some have suggested this is a "doctored" photo; if it is I had to be the one to "doctor" it. I am the only person who worked with this enlargement, and I took it from the original file on Melissa's camera. I will emphasize again - I don't know what we have in this picture, and I would like a reasonable explanation if one exists.

Photo taken by Melissa Logstrom August 17, 2008 at Cascade Station, WA.