This was the 14th annual Alpine Lumber Company Thanksgiving banquet. It would have taken place in late November or early December 1924. The Alpine Lumber Company provided these banquets from 1911 through 1928. Guests at the banquet were given programs that included the menu and entertainment for the banquet, but that also included information about what had happened in Alpine during the year in an "annual report". A number of these "annual reports" still exist and provide information about the people and happenings in Alpine. The 2 men closest to the camera have the programs visible. The man on the left has his program in his jacket pocket; the man on the right has his program stuffed into the back pocket of his trousers. Mary Daheim described the covers on the overhead lights as "hula skirts" in Alpine Obituary.

The photographer is unidentified but it was probably Lee Pickett. Photo provided courtesy of the Mary Daheim collection.