This is a replica of the mileposts that lined the Great Northern Railway. This milepost stands on the Iron Goat Trail at what was Wellington, Washington. The distance, 1711, is measured from the beginning of the Great Northern Railway in St. Paul, Minnesota. The Wellington depot was at 1711.02, about 100 feet from where this milepost stands now. In my search for Alpine, I was looking for milepost 1723.5. There would have been no real milepost standing at that location, but bridges and other devices that belong to the railroad are still marked. The successor railroad to the Great Northern, the Burlington Northern Santa Fe, has the bridge across Carroll Creek in the middle of the town of Alpine marked as milepost 1723.4. The Alpine depot was located at 1723.54. Milepost addresses supplied by Bob Kelly and the Skykomish Historical Society. Photo by Melissa Logstrom August 17, 2008.