Mark Peterson standing at the 2nd room of the 2-room schoolhouse in Alpine, Washington. Mark is the great-grandson of the Carl Lane Clemans, the founder of Alpine. Mark's grandmother, Mary Clemans Peterson, and his great-aunt, Kate Clemans Snitjer, taught at this school when they were in their twenties, during the "Roaring Twenties". Photo was taken on August 15, 2009 by Tim Raetzloff using Mark's camera. Mark inspected the school carefully and determined that this room, originally built as a separate building and attached by a covered walkway/hallway to the original one-room school had a concrete floor and concrete inner walls. A little later Mark looked carefully at the coal stove that Jackie Cuddy had found on a previous exploration. The stove had pipe fittings. While Mark was examining the stove, I found a radiator of the same vintage, nearly covered in dirt under some brush a few feet away. It appears that the school had coal-fired steam heat to warm it.