This is an early photo of Alpine. It is undated, but I believe it was taken between July 6, 1913 and July 18, 1917; the 2nd Alpine mill was completed on July 6, 1913, and burned on July 18, 1917. The mill at the left of the photo appears to be the 2nd (of 3) Alpine mills. It is definitely not the first mill, which burned on June 3, 1913; I don't believe it is the 3rd mill, which was the largest of the 3 mills; and it seems to be nearly identical to the mill pictured in the 1917 annual report, and identified in that report as the 2nd mill. If the photo was 1913, the Great Northern Railway depot was still called Nippon. It was from the Nippon depot that James H O'Neill sent the telegram notifying the Great Northern Railway, and the world, of the deadly Wellington avalanche on March 1, 1910. The depot was renamed Alpine in 1914 and the mill was renamed Alpine in 1920. The school in the right center of the photo is the highest roof easily visible in the photo. The school is one room. It was later enlarged to a 2-room school. The spur track visible in the foreground was removed in 1922. Photo courtesy of Skykomish Historical Society.