Downtown Skykomish, Washington on July 18, 2009. This view looks east toward Mt Baldy in the background, and Beckler Peak to the left. The town is torn up because of a cleanup of oil that had seeped into the ground from railroad storage tanks. The Whistling Post and the McEvoy house between the Whistling Post and the Cascadia Inn were moved in 2008. The soil under was cleaned to a depth of about 20 feet. In the middle background are buildings that have been moved in 2009 for the cleanup. The area next to the Whistling Post is dug out to a depth of about 20 feet at the time of this photo. The Skykomish Depot used to stand about where the bush is now at the right of the picture. The depot won't be restored in its place until 2011. A final decision whether the depot will return to its recent location on the north side of the tracks, or to its early 20th century location across the tracks to the south may not be made until 2011. Photo by Michele Harris.