July 4, 1918. The flag in the photo was given to Alpine by the Washington Patriotic Committee because Alpine had exceeded its quota for war bonds by more than any other location in Washington. The photo is also remarkable for the amount of snow that remains on the sides of Windy Peak in the background. Windy Peak is one of snowiest places in the world and has killed more people in avalanches than any other mountain in the United States. Photo taken by Lee Pickett, from the Mary Daheim collection. Many of the people in the photograph are relatives of Mary Daheim, including her grandparents, mother, aunts and uncles and great-aunts and great-uncles. The mill in the photo is the 3rd Alpine mill. It had been built the previous September after the 2nd mill burned. The 3rd mill was equipped with an automatic sprinkler system, and 4 of the 5 fire hydrants in Alpine were located close to the mill. The line of snowsheds that marks the Great Northern Railway can be seen to the right of the heads of the men standing on the pile of shingles. In 2011, Matt Cawby and Donna Beaudry have located the corners of the foundation of this mill.