This Photo was sent to me by Terry Wells. On the back of the picture it says, "Aydt House Alpine, Harriet Aydt with daughters Kathryn, Margie and Babe." Terry said, "I think Mom (Margie) is the one in the middle." We know that Martin and Harriet Aydt (Terry's grandparents) lived in Alpine in 1917. Martin is listed as a "filer" at the sawmill in the annual report given to guests at the annual Thanskgiving celebration. We believe that job description was for the workman who kept the saws and other tools sharp. Harriet is listed in the annual report as a member of the Red Cross Society. 103 Terry's mom said that one winter there was so much snow that the door wouldn't open and they got out of the house by climbing out the window. That was probably the winter of 1915/1916, which is still considered to be the snowiest in Northwest history. On May 1, 2010 Terry and 7 family members joined our Spring exploration of Alpine. Searching with Matt Cawby and his explorer Husky, Keesha, we believe that they found the stump in this picture and the location where the Aydt house stood. The stump is located about 120 feet northwest of the Alpine school location.